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Bumble Bounce


Click and Drag the flowers to launch the bee

Game Premise

You play as a bee trying to find his way back to the hive, but you're tired after a long day of pollination and don't feel like flying anymore. Use the flowers as slingshots to launch yourself back to the hive. It's also really fun to bounce off of things so the more objects you hit the more points you get. Try to make it to the end with the most points and the most bounces.

Awards Won

Grand Prize

Audience Choice

Team Members

  • Jim Fleming (Programming)
  • Scott Looney (Audio)
  • Cristian Mitreanu (Level Design/ Business Model)
  • Adam Rickert (Game Design/ Art)
  • Logan Smyth (Programming)
  • Danielle Swank (Programming)
  • Elisabeth Uible (Level Design/ Business Model)


Bumble Bounce screenshot 01 Bumble Bounce screenshot 02 Bumble Bounce screenshot 03

Bumble Bounce

"Life Is A Game" Jam 2012

Bumble Bounce was made in 27 hours for the "Life Is A Game" Jam with the theme of "Life Is A Game". Originally conceieved as a game about beekeeping, the idea evolved into a pollination game using flowers as slingshots. Bumble Bounce was the Grand Prize winner of the jam.


October 13-14, 2012


Game Design / Art

Tools Used

Javascript, HTML5/Canvas, Illustrator



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Game Jam