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Player 1 (Hardcore)

W, A, S, D: Move

Player 2 (Casual)

Mouse: Move

Left-Click: Clamp Down

Game Premise

An artificial life simulator which explores the notions of symbiotism and parasitism through cooperative and adversarial multiplayer gameplay.

The first player controls an avatar with the keyboard, while the second controls a cursor with the mouse. As the first player evades predators and seeks prey in order to avoid starvation, the second player manipulates the predators and prey within the environment to the first player's detriment or benefit.

Award Won

"Just imagine a game where..." (most likely to appear on the @petermolydeux Twitter account)

Team Members

  • Matthew R.F. Balousek (Game Design)
  • Jim Crawford (Programming)
  • Ben Peck (Programming)
  • Adam Rickert (Art)
  • Colin Socha (Programming)


Cycles screenshot


Cycles Logo

Art Assets

Cycles player character avatars Cycles predator and prey avatars


Global Game Jam 2012

Cycles is a two player cooperative/competitive game about predator/prey relationships. Made in 48 hours for the Global Game Jam in 2012. The theme of the jam was "Ouroboros" and, as such, this game is about the continuing cycles of life and death between hunters and the hunted.


January 27-29, 2012


Game Designer / Artist / Code Assistance

Tools Used

Python, Pygame, Illustrator



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