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W, A, S, D: Move

Space: Jump

Game Premise

Gothama is, at its highest level, a stoic/buddhist/vedic-inspired critique of the 'little pleasures' of videogaming: the jingle of coins, a satisfying stomp, a well-timed dash and jump. These are the things on which 2d platforming is built, but to what extent do they lead us into endless cycles of ultimately fruitless action? How much of our energy and effort is directed towards short-term ephemeral gains and vain striving?

Initially, the player will storm through the game in classic Mario/Megaman/Sonic fashion. When they reach the end of the level, they realize that the very things they've been trained to do are the things that limit them from progressing...

Awards Won

Best 2D Art

Most Imaginative Use of Theme

Team Members

  • Daniel Chang (Art-Backgrounds, particle physics)
  • TC Davis (Programming-Graphics)
  • Adam Flynn (Writing/Audio/Vague Design)
  • Kyle Misner (Programming-Creative Technology Strategy)
  • Adam Rickert (Art/Animation)
  • Zeke Swepson (Programming-Gameplay)


Gothama screenshot

Art Assets

Gothama character art assets Gothama environment art assets


Global Game Jam 2012

Gothama was conceieved as a "buddhist rpg/platformer" in which attachment to items of the physical world block you from reaching enlightenment (and ultimately finishing the game). Made in 48 hours for the Global Game Jam in 2012. The theme of the jam was "Ouroboros" and this game is about the continuing cycles of suffering we put ourselves through by focusing our lives on the indulgence of earthly desires.


January 27-29, 2012


Art / Animation

Tools Used

Java, Photoshop



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