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Game Premise

Heart Waves is an abstract game about relationships and how they change you forever for better or worse. The heart in the center of the screen shows what type of partner you're looking for. Energize individual nodes when the energy waves pulsing from the heart pass over them. Merge your node with your matching partner node after both nodes are energized. As you meet and merge with other nodes your heart will change and show you who to search for next.

Team Members

  • Kyle Misner (Code)
  • Adam Rickert (Game Design/ Art)


Heart Waves logo

Gameplay Tutorials

Tutorial pages 1 and 2 Tutorial pages 3 and 4

Heart beat

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Partner, Heart Breaker, and Player nodes

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Heart Waves

Global Game Jam 2013

Created for the Global Game Jam 2013, a 48-hour event to make games with this years theme being a sound clip of a beating heart.

Heart Waves is an abstract relationship game about finding partners based on your what you need in your life at the time, all directed by the beating of your heart.

Team: Kyle Misner (code), Adam Rickert (game design/art).


January 24-26, 2013


Game Designer / Artist / Animator

Tools Used

Illustrator / Flash



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Game Jam