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Mouse - Activate Pedestrians and Shake Change Cup

Wait till people get close enough to you to change color and then click on them to get their attention. Once they are activated click on the "Shake" button in the lower left corner to rattle your change cup at them as furiously as you can to beg for change. Multiple passerbys can be activated at one time.

Game Premise

Life on the streets isn't fun and games. It's a daily struggle to stay alive and unfortunately in a big city that requires money. Try to beg for change from passing pedestrians to purchase upgrades to improve your situation such as a pit bull, a shopping cart, or a shower. (upgrade system not implemented)

Team Members

  • Scott Looney (Audio)
  • Adam Rickert (Game Design/ Art)
  • Brent Rosenquist (Programming)


Invisible: Needy Not Greedy title screen Invisible: Needy Not Greedy screenshot 02 Invisible: Needy Not Greedy screenshot 03 Invisible: Needy Not Greedy screenshot 04

Invisible: Needy Not Greedy

"Adobe Game" Jam 2012

Invisible: Needy Not Greedy was made in 27 hours for the very first Adobe Game Jam with the theme of "San Francisco". After living in San Francisco for a number of years we came to the conclusion that what's more "San Francisco" than homeless people? Unfortunately not a whole lot. We wanted to make a game that highlighted this unpleasant reality of life in the Bay Area.


October 19-20, 2012


Game Design / Art

Tools Used

Flash Builder, Photoshop, Illustrator



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Game Jam