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Game Premise

Every year the Gods have a picnic to relax, put aside their differences, and meet up with old friends. Seeing as how so many of the Gods also have children, this day is also the busiest day of the year for the God's babysitter. Now the babysitter is a very watchful God, but sometimes can be overwhelmed by the sheer power and number of some of these godly toddlers. As the God's Picnic gets into full swing a few of these babies have crawled away and wandered into the human realm. OH NO!

Back on Earth, a small human village has just witnessed a falling star over the nearby swamp. A hunter returning from the swamp spotted a glowing infant and altar in a forested clearing and hurried to tell the village elders.

Across the swamp in the kobold tribal camp, returning kobold scouts saw the same falling star. The kobold king ordered his tribe to retrieve this sign from the heavens and so sent a group of kobolds and some of the tribe's allies to investigate. Perhaps something tasty awaited them. When the scouts returned with news that it was a glowing child that had fallen from the sky the kobold king was not pleased with the news.

After much deliberation, the leaders of both camps decided that the best thing to do is move this bad omen far away from their villages as quickly as possible to avoid the fickle wrath of the gods. A group of volunteers in each camp assembled to head into the swamp.

Game Modes

Story Mode

Players will choose one team/class character and progresses through a series of story levels.

Bombing Run

Each team must race to the middle of the game map, retrieve the God infant, and deposit it into the opposing team's scoring area thus bringing the God's Wrath upon the opposing team's tribe.

Team Deathmatch

Each team must kill as many opposing members until the predetermined limit is reached. Individual players will be ranked based on kill/death ratio. No babies, just killing.

Last Man Standing

With only one spawn per player, the last player standing wins for their team.

Free For All

It's everyone for themselves, a battle royale. The player with the most kills performed in the time limit wins.

Keep Away

Holding the baby earns you points. This mode can be Team or Individual based and winners are chosen by whichever team/individual accumulated the most points.



Players have no weapons, but multiple babies. The babies will be used as the dodgeball and if you get hit with a thrown baby you're out.

Baby Stew

A scavenger hunt for ingredients to make a delicious baby stew. Ingredients will spawn at specific locations throughout the level and players must gather a specific number of each ingredient and return them to their base withing the time limit.

Kobolds VS Humans

AICASF - Game Prototyping

Kobolds VS Humans is a 3D 3rd person shooter built with the Unreal Development Kit.


Summer 2010


Game Designer / UI Artist / Rigger

Tools Used

UDK, Maya, InDesign


Art Institute of California - San Francisco

Filed Under

School Project