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Nothing But Mammals


W, A, S, D: Move

Space: Jump

Game Premise

Develop survival instincts such as swimming and tree climbing to avoid predators and pass those traits on by mating with other creatures to produce a new generation. Begin play as a humble shrew, circa 7 billion BC. Evade velociraptors while finding food and learning survival skills such as digging, swimming, tree climbing, and mating.

When your shrew performs survival activities it becomes more proficient in those skills which it will pass on to it's offspring through mating. Mating with another of your species that has compatible survival skills will cause those traits to improve in future offspring, thus ensuring your genetic line will survive.

Find Food, Learn Survival Skills, Find a Mate, and don't get eaten!

Awards Won

Student Choice

Best Tech

Most Ambitious

Team Members

  • Joe Conley (Character Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Animation)
  • Thom Goblin (Character Modeling)
  • Ori Hanegby (Lead Programmer)
  • William Harmon (Audio, Graphic Design)
  • Jared Leite (Rigging)
  • Sheena Marquez (Audio, Art)
  • Bill Morgan (Programming)
  • Alex Peake (Programming, Game Design/Concept)
  • Adam Rickert (Game Design, Character Modeling, Texturing, Rigging)

Nothing But Mammals

Global Game Jam 2011

Nothing But Mammals was created by a team of 9 students, hobbyists, and professionals in 48 hours for the Global Game Jam in 2011. The theme of the jam was "extinction" and this game is about evolution and passing on genetic traits to survive.


January 28-30, 2011


Game Designer / Character Modeler / Texture Artist / Rigger

Tools Used

Unity3D, Maya, Photoshop



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