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Facade - 23:58

The Yelling Game - 35:34

RPSLP - 43:29


About Sifteo

Information about the interactive game cubes and technology used in the following games can be found at:

Playing these games

The .elf files (game installation files) for these games can be installed and played on a Sifteo Cube base, or if one is not available the Sifteo SDK includes an excellent simulator for the cubes called the "Siftulator" that can play the files as well. More Information can be found HERE.


Game Premise

A resource trading game which relies on players to manipulate each other to be the first to gather one of each type of resource or four of the same resource to win the game.

How To Play:

Resources are randomly distributed at the beginning of the game in differing quantities. Players must trade resources with each other until they aquire one of each type of resource or four of one type of resource. Players agree to make a trade, then touch the side of their cubes containing the resource to the Trading Post cube in the middle which swaps the resources between players. Beware though, players can lie to get rid of resources they don't want or to try and trip up other players.

The four resources to trade are:

  • CROWNS: Nobility, Birthright, Inheritance
  • COINS: Money, Property, Military Might
  • HEARTS: Lust, Manipulation
  • DAGGERS: Poison, Secrecy, Deceit, Information

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Team Members

  • Matthew Balousek (code)
  • Mattie Brice (game design/mechanics)
  • Adam Rickert (game design/art)


Single cube

Facade - single cube

Gameplay example

Starting resources are distributed and players decide which resource to trade to make the trade. Player 1 makes a full set of four resources and wins the game with the Trading Post telling players that the throne has been captured. Facade - single cube


Game Premise

A game about building a shared language within a group by coming up with descriptions for abstract shapes.

How To Play:

Tap cubes to add players and start the game. Games last 5 rounds. Symbols will be shown within a few seconds of each other. When your symbol is shown you must yell out a description of what you are seeing on your screen to try and find if any other player has a matching symbol WITHOUT showing anyone else your symbol. If you think you've found a match, touch the cubes together and it will tell you if the match has registered. After the time has expired it will tell you if the match you made was correct or not. Not all cubes will have a match each round. Once 5 rounds have passed a results screen will display.

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The Yelling Game

Team Members

  • James Crawford (code)
  • Adam Rickert (game design/art)


Single cube

The Yelling Game - single cube

Game Premise

The old classic "Rock, Paper, Scissors", but with a twist. Popularized by the show "The Big Bang Theory", this variation on the game uses 5 symbols instead of 3 and can include multiple players at one time. Wikipedia explanation of the game.

How To Play:

Rules: Scissors cuts paper, paper covers rock, rock smashes lizard, lizard poisons spock, spock smashes scissor, scissor decapitates lizard, lizard eats paper, paper disproves spock, spock vaporizes rock and as always rock crushes scissors.

Tap your cube until you find the symbol you want to use. Shake the cube to lock in your symbol choice. Pair both cubes face down with the logo cube and then flip them over to reveal the winner.

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Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock

Team Members

  • Joe Gordon (audio)
  • Adam Rickert (game design/art)
  • Andrew Wilson (code)


Single cube

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock - single cube

Gameplay example

Choose your symbol. Shake cubes. Pair cubes with logo cube. See who won. Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock - gameplay

Sifteo Games

Sifteo Game Jam 2013

Created for the Sifteo February Game Jam, a 48-hour event to make games using Sifteo Cubes technology and SDK around the theme of variable difficulty.

It was a small-ish jam with a lot of programmers, which left ample opportunity for me to work on multiple games as an artist.


Facade: Matthew Balousek (code), Mattie Brice (game design/mechanics), Adam Rickert (game design/art).

The Yelling Game: James Crawford (code/game design), Adam Rickert (game design/art).

RPSLP - Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock: Joe Gordon (audio), Adam Rickert (game design/art), Andrew Wilson (code).


February 22-24, 2013


Game Designer / Artist

Tools Used

Illustrator, Photoshop



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Game Jam