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Arrow Keys: Move

G: Take/Use Sound

Space: Jump

Game Premise

Snatch sounds from objects and creatures in the environment and remix them back into the game to pass obstacles.

Team Members

  • Scott Looney (Audio)
  • Adam Rickert (Game Design/ Art)
  • Jonah Wallerstein (Programming)


Sounds Like Snatch

Gameplay Mockups

Sounds Like Snatch Sounds Like Snatch Sounds Like Snatch

Sounds Like Snatch

Whammy Jammy 2012 Game Jam

Created for the Whammy Jammy game jam, a 48-hour event to make games around the theme of music and sound.

"Sounds Like Snatch" is a game about "snatching" sounds from the environment and using them to activate other creatures and objects in the level to solve puzzles.

Team: Scott Looney (audio), Adam Rickert (game design/art), Jonah Wallerstein (programming).


November 9-11, 2012


Game Designer / Artist

Tools Used

Stencyl, Illustrator



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Game Jam