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Time Flock

Game Premise

You are a robin. A very hungry robin who just happened to spot something shiny and tasty looking through a nearby window. You swoop in and gobbly it down eagerly, but as it turns out the thing you just ate was an EXPERIMENTAL GOVERNMENT TIME MACHINE PROTOTYPE! Now you're being chased out of the lab by government scientists trying to recover their machine by any means necessary!

Fly through the level avoiding lasers, electric fan blades, closing doors, and colliding with walls. If you lose the time machine will activate and rewind to the time right after you devoured it, creating a ghost of yourself that you can fly with to protect you. Create a flock of previous runthroughs to help you avoid all the obstacles, and also use your new ability to slow time to navigate puzzles.

Awards Won

Most Innovative

Team Members

  • David Geisert (Code)
  • Frank Huang (Code)
  • Gregory Jourdan (Code)
  • Scott Looney (Audio)
  • Adam Rickert (Game Design/ Art)
  • Hunter Schneider (Art/ Animation)


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Time Flock

San Francisco Indy Game Jam 2013

Created for the San Francisco Indy Game Jam 2013, a 48-hour event to make games with the theme being randomly chosen via the "random article" button on Wikipedia. The resulting theme for the jam was "339th Flight Test Squadron"

Time Flock is a infinite runner in which you are a robin (bird) and must avoid obstacles by using your ability to slow time and your previous playthroughts as shields.

Team: David Geisert (code), Frank Huang (code), Gregory Jourdan (code), Scott Looney (audio), Adam Rickert (Design/Art/VFX), Hunter Schneider (Art/Animation)


September 27-29, 2013


Game Designer / Artist / VFX

Tools Used

Illustrator / Unity3D



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Game Jam